May 8th

May 7th

Severe infection May 2nd

Case Study

This 8 year old Warmblood suffered severe scratches. He was treated daily with Silvetrasol Wound Wash. The results speak for themselves. In just nine (9) days the area was completely healed.

May 5th

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May 3rd

May 4th

May 6th

May 10th shows complete healing

Silvetrasol products begin to work on contact killing microorganisms by two modes of action. 1. The active ingredient in Silvetrasol deactivates the structural and metabolic membrane proteins leading to microbial death. 2. The microbes view Silvetrasol as a food source allowing silver ions to enter the microbe. Once inside the organism, the silver ion denatures the DNA, halting the microbes ability to replicate and leads to death of the organism. Though highly toxic to bacteria, fungus and viruses, Silvetrasol is non-toxic to humans and animals.